Best Internal Link Building & Link Auditing Tool For WordPress with Less Work

Internal linking can be tedious, time-consuming, strategic task.

And it just got easier.

Linkilo saves you time, energy and thinking-power.

Providing link suggestions for both internal and external.

Helped thousands of SEOs, editors maximize the power of links.

30 Day Money Back Guaranteed!

Here's What it Can Do For You

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The Powerful WordPress Plugin
to Help Build Link Structure for Your Site

Discover why thousands use our tool to organize and manage your website link structure more effectively.

How It Can Help You

Our tool suggests a link based on your website’s content. In other words, it discovers meaningful and related links. With our algorithm and helpful suggestive links, you can accept or reject the link suggestion.

Internal Linking Tool

Knowing what anchor text to use for specific page/post can get messy when you add more content to your site. Our WordPress internal links tool can help identify the best keywords/phrases to use.

External Linking

Whether you are providing link opportunities, maximizing affiliate sales, or plugging in other sites you own. Our external link building tool can help you set it up correctly. 

Link Reports & Audits

We provide several reports to help you identify any miss opportunities, issues, and an overview of your site link structure.

Dedicated Support

Every purchase of Linkilo comes with amazing support. We will handle any bug, compatibility issues. Our developer are also providing support so any issues can be fixed, faster.

Lifetime Updates

If you subscribe to Linkilo, you will get access to all future plugin updates and amazing support.

30 days money back guarantee

Our policy includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. If our product does not satisfy all your needs, you can change your mind within 30 days.

link suggestions by linkilo

Link Suggestions Tool:
Relevancy In Mind

Handpicking related links after or while writing used to be the most effective way to operate on internal linking.

However, manually inserting connections can be time-consuming and inefficient.

That is why we wanted to provide you with our internal links checker, that saves you time while performing just as well as hand-picking your relevant material.

By adding the right internal/external links you make sure Google understands:

  • the relevancy of pages;
  • the relationship between these pages;
  • and the value of pages.

Link Audits & Reports​:
Data at its best

Our focus is to provide you meaningful recommendations and not make it feel spammy.

We’ll let you know if no internal links appear on this page, consider adding some as appropriate.
Want to know how many links each article has or has been added to?

We provide you detailed report:

  • Incoming/outgoing report
  • Internal vs External links ratio
  • Anchor text link report
  • Orphan pages
  • Nofollow/follow
  • Linked Domains
link analysis

Link Overview Analysis:
View exactly what links you have for each post

Each post has a link overview and analysis to help you understand the different link types you have on your site to help you diagnosis your SEO link health. 

Have too many internal links and no external links? Links not opening on a new tab? Quickly analyze and determine what you need to succeed for your site and user experience.

Anchor Text:
Audit just how frequently you used it

Need to find out just how many times you have used the same anchor text on your site?

Are you diluting your rankings because you used it too many times?

Or not adding the anchor text throughout your site?

Our report will help you see the amount, where, when you have added your anchor text/internal links, so you can make better decisions and improve your rankings

anchor report
link Cannibalization Report

Cannibalization Report:
Rank for the right keywords

Don’t use the same anchor text for two different pages! Whether you previously have done this in the past, we provide you a report, so you can avoid sending the wrong message to search engines.

Cannibalization is real and you might be ranking well simply because you are pointing the same keywords to two different posts. Telling search engines to rank those two posts for that keyword. 

Perform an audit and quickly remove any duplicate anchor text that can help you rank.

Next Gen SEO.
Real SEO problem,
Needs smarter solutions

FREQUENTLY Asked Questions

In order to provide the most relevant suggestions we have the basic parameters like:

1) Find keywords from title tags or custom, GSC, Rank Math, Yoast, etc. 2) remove any words from ignore list, 3) show suggestions.

We try to evaluate several parameters, including content, title, URLs, exact match keywords and much more.

We do not use any A.I (Artificial Intelligence) on our plugin.

All links are permanent, if you decide to cancel or delete our plugin. Just like any other link, it will stay intact, unless you remove it yourself.

You have total control of where and when you can add or delete links.

Anyone that uses WordPress for their site. Whether your site is an affiliate site, SEO agencies, freelancers, small business, startup, editors, PBN and large publications. If you have content on your site, we recommend you using it.

Currently, we are supporting English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, and Arabic.

Linkilo was created because I wanted more ways to audit, optimize my links. It’s similar to Link Whisper, but has 10x more features they haven’t built yet.

We’ve built features like anchor analysis, link cannibalizations, link analysis. Because auditing your internal links is as important as building internal links.

Both of our plugin are trying to solve the link suggestions, it is a bit hard, since context can be taken out and words like “fall” (season) versus “fall” (of a person falling down) are two different words, but can mean one or the other. So building lots of filters and options is the way to go.

You can check out the comparison between Linkilo vs Link Whisper here.

We are here to stay.

However, like any business, there are no guarantees. Whether you were Blockbuster taken over by Business. RadioShack, Best Buy replaced by online shopping.

Business can flop because of funds or not able to change with the current times.

So, we have several cushions to support us for a very long time.

Linkilo is a product by SEO RANK SERP LLC. A plethora of online business.

With our publishing company, and our SaaS product expansion, with the core being WordPress Plugins, we are building products to help our publication/affiliate sites.

Even if there was a probability of us running out of money with Linkilo, we have our publication company to support us, for life. 

And because we have our publication company, we are building better products to help with our sites and getting a ton of feedback and support from you.

If you are not as convinced, we are not product focused but usability and feedback focused.

We use our product for many of our own sites.

Publishing thousands of articles each month, we want better usability, more control, optimal product. 

We are not creating a product for product sake. We know things can become better, and our focus is to strive towards that.

We are here to listen to suggestions, better way to use our tool, and refine them.

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