Feature: Anchor Text Reporting Tool

Optimize Your Anchor Text with Linkilo's Reporting Tool

Improve your site's ranking potential by analyzing and optimizing your anchor text usage.

Anchor Text Analysis Report

You can sort your anchor text either by Internal or External Links. Or just how frequently you’ve used it and also sort alphabetically.

Anchor Text

Know where each anchor text is being used so you can either remove it or approve them being there.

Export Your Anchor Analysis Report

Export your whole anchor text analysis report so you can review them in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel for further internal and external link auditing.

Effective anchor text usage is essential for your site’s SEO success. With Linkilo’s Anchor Text Reporting Tool, you’ll gain critical insights into your anchor text performance and unlock the full potential of your website’s ranking. Here’s how our tool empowers you:

Monitor Your Anchor Text Usage:

Know exactly how many times you’ve used specific anchor texts, and understand where you stand in terms of ranking for your targeted keywords.

Avoid Over-Optimization:

Using the same anchor text too much can hurt your site’s quality. Our tool helps you identify and prevent over-optimization.

Maximize Keyword Opportunities:

Not ranking well for a particular keyword? Discover if you need to add or remove anchor texts to improve your ranking.

Conveniently Sort and Analyze:

Filter your anchor text by internal or external links, frequency of use, and alphabetical order for efficient analysis.

Know Where Each Anchor Text Is Used:

Easily identify the location of each anchor text on your site, allowing you to make informed decisions on its usage.

Seamless Export of Reports:

Export your entire anchor text analysis report and review it in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel for comprehensive link auditing.

Tap into the Potential of Anchor Text Today

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