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Why Choose Linkilo?

From providing a superior user experience to improving website performance, Linkilo link preview tool offers a range of benefits.

Boost Visitor Engagement

On average, websites using Linkilo see a 27% increase in user session duration. Our tool encourages users to explore your content more deeply, decreasing bounce rates and exit rates.

Improve SEO Rankings:

Search engines value rich, well-linked content. With Linkilo, you can freely add hyperlinks without fear of users clicking away from your website. Our immersive link previews keep them engaged and on your page.

Enhance User Experience

With Linkilo, your visitors get instant contextual information right on your webpage. No need to navigate away to understand the linked content.

Increase Loading Speed

Yes, you read that right! By replacing embedded videos and widgets with our lazy-loaded immersive link previews, your website’s loading speed gets an immediate boost.

How Linkilo.co Works

How Linkilo.co Works

Simply enable the link preview under Settings and that’s it!

Your website is instantly equipped with live link previews. These previews are intuitive and provide a rich experience, working seamlessly with any website, blog, or e-commerce store.

Linkilo.co Live Previews - See It In Action!

Just hover over these links and see the link preview:

Note: We are using WP Rocket caching plugin and some of these websites do not have featured images or meta descriptions.

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