Detect and fix hidden orphan pages on your WordPress site

Feature: Orphan Pages Tool and Reporting

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Fix your website’s performance and user experience by finding and addressing orphan pages that are holding you back.

Identify Keywords with the Greatest Impact

Quickly uncover the most impacted keywords that are being cannibalized on your site. Our tool prioritizes keywords with the greatest potential for improvement, allowing you to focus your efforts on what matters most.

Understand the Context and Take Action

Gain clarity on which URLs are ranking for each keyword, and easily make adjustments to your content or internal linking strategy. With actionable insights, you can address cannibalization issues and boost the visibility of your most important pages.

Informed Decisions with GSC Data

We provide comprehensive Google Search Console data to inform your optimization efforts. See which pages Google considers most relevant based on clicks, impressions, CTR, and position, and make data-driven decisions to improve your site’s ranking.

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Ready to find and fix orphan pages on your site? Get started with Linkilo’s Orphan Pages Tool & Reporting today!

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