Detect and Fix Hidden Orphan Pages on Your WordPress Site

Feature: Orphan Pages Tool and Reporting

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Fix Your Website’s Performance and User Experience by Finding and Addressing Orphan Pages

Identify and Address Orphan Pages

Quickly identify orphan pages that are not linked anywhere on your site. Use our tool to find and fix orphaned content in WordPress to enhance user navigation and SEO.

Gain insights into how orphan links affect your site’s performance and learn how to resolve these issues with actionable recommendations.

Optimize Your Content Strategy

Improve your site’s visibility and user experience by integrating orphan pages into your internal linking strategy. Utilize our reports to make informed decisions.

Comprehensive Orphan Pages Report


Ready to find and fix orphan pages on your site? Get started with Linkilo’s Orphan Pages Tool & Reporting today!

What is an Orphan Page?

An orphan page is a page on your website that has no internal links pointing to it, making it difficult for users and search engines to find. Orphan pages can hurt your site’s SEO and user experience.

How to Fix Orphan Pages in WordPress

To fix orphan pages in WordPress, use Linkilo’s Orphan Pages Tool to identify these pages. Then, integrate them into your internal linking strategy by adding relevant internal links from other pages.

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