Why choose Linkilo vs Link Whisper?

Discover the Link Whisper alternative that revolutionizes internal linking for SEO. Experience an SEO WordPress plugin that saves you time and empowers your SEO strategy.

We understand that you may have been using Link Whisper or considering it as a solution for your internal linking. However, there comes a time when a plugin limits your ability to do great things. That’s where Linkilo comes in.

Linkilo offers even more features than Link Whisper, providing advanced link management capabilities to take your SEO to the next level.

Link Whisper
Link Suggestions
Filter by Category
Filter by Tags
Filter by Context of the Title Tag
Exact Match Keyword Suggestions
Link Suggestions Based on URL Name
Link External Site as Internal
Auto Links
Advanced Auto Link Features
Orphan Link Report
Anchor Text Report
Cannibalization Report
No External Link Report
Link Analysis
Fix Broken Links
Coming Soon
Sidebar Link Suggestions
Link Preview

More features coming soon!

Linkilo is a product designed for you. Our roadmap outlines our vision for the future, and we welcome our customers to contribute feature requests and vote on upcoming developments.

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How are we different?

Take a look at the comparison of both of the plugins and see which one you would want to use!


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In the world of internal linking, choosing the right plugin can elevate your SEO strategy and propel your website to new heights. When comparing Linkilo and Link Whisper, the differences are striking.

Linkilo empowers you with advanced features and unparalleled insights into your internal linking strategy. Through comprehensive reporting, you’ll gain deep understanding of your anchor text usage, nofollow tags, sponsored links, and more. Our user-friendly dashboard presents you with actionable data that leads to informed decisions.

Conducting a thorough audit of your links has never been easier. With Linkilo, you’ll have the power to identify and address SEO issues with ease. Moreover, our commitment to continuous improvement means we’re always building new features and refining existing ones.

Join the Linkilo community and experience the future of internal linking. Explore our feature-rich plugin and see why Linkilo stands out as the superior choice.

We provide roadmap transparent and our community can vote or request your features here


Link suggestions are the cornerstone of a robust internal linking strategy. At Linkilo, we’ve taken this crucial feature to the next level.

While Link Whisper touts its use of “Artificial Intelligence” for link suggestions, we’ve taken a more targeted approach. By applying essential exclusion criteria, we achieve results on par with AI-driven systems—all while ensuring a high level of precision and relevance.

While Link Whisper touts its use of “Artificial Intelligence” for link suggestions, we’ve taken a more targeted approach. By applying essential exclusion criteria, we achieve results on par with AI-driven systems—all while ensuring a high level of precision and relevance.

Our approach is all about expanding your options:

Title-Based Suggestions: Automatically generate link suggestions based on the titles, tags, categories, and custom keywords of your articles, filtering out non-essential terms.

Exact Match Keywords: Focus on ranking for specific keywords by receiving suggestions based on the exact match keywords within your content and URLs.

Optimized URL Keywords: Capitalize on your URL optimization efforts. Our system recognizes the keywords you’ve optimized in your URLs and incorporates them into the suggestions.

Plus, we’ve made the entire process more convenient with our innovative sidebar link suggestions. As you write or edit your articles, Linkilo contextually identifies relevant articles on your site and displays suggestions in the sidebar—no need to scroll or disrupt your workflow.

Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Knowing how often you have used your anchor text is vital to ensuring your internal links aren’t diluting your ranking. If you use too many of the same anchor text, you can identify how many times you have used it and where it is located. Also, if you have a few links, you can add more of the anchor text to help improve your ranking.

Pointing the same keywords to two different URLs or more can confuse search engines about which URL should rank for that keyword. With our report, we help identify if you have added the same keywords to two or more URLs and determine which URL you should remove by adding Google Search Console data to help determine which has more juice.

Knowing what links you’ve used, both internal and external, for a specific page/post can be helpful. Whether you’ve added proper nofollow for a specific URL, if the URL opens on a new tab, and more.

We wanted to dive deeper into SEO and provide you with what keywords you cannibalize and what pages are ranked for those keywords. This is different from our Link Cannibalization.


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With Linkilo’s smart link suggestion feature, say goodbye to the tedium of manual linking. Let automation take the lead, freeing up your time for what truly matters.

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