Why Choose
Linkilo vs Link Whisper?

Linkilo is the Link Whisper alternative that makes internal linking easy. Finally, an SEO WordPress that saves you time.

Link Whisper is a great SEO tool
But you need something better!

If you have been using Link Whisper or are considering purchasing their WordPress Plugin, review our comparison chart.

There comes a time when a plugin limits your ability to do great things.

SEO is ever-growing; the more tools and data we have, the more we can do.

While Link Whisper offers most of our features, our plugin provides even more features that we believe you will like.

If you’re looking for the next advanced link management WordPress Plugin, Linkilo is your best bet.

What sets Linkilo apart from Link Whisper?

There’s no doubt that Linkilo is a good plugin for many. Its link suggestions are easy and fast.

But you’re here for a reason. Maybe you’re tired of limited reporting or want link suggestions based on different filters.  Or maybe you want to spend less time analyzing all the data. 

You’ve come to the right place. If you truly want to be ahead in your niche, you want prioritized actions instead of an endless list of links suggestions. True SEO analytics can tell you why you are not ranking well. 

Linkilo is a complete SEO Links Management

Here is how Linkilo is different from Link Whisper:



Link Whisper

Link Suggestions

Filter by category

Filter by tags

Filter by context of the post

Filter by context of the title tag

Exact match keyword suggestions

Link suggestions based on URL name

Link external site as internal

Auto links

Advanced auto link features

Orphan link report

Anchor text report

Cannibalization Report

No external link report

Post with one link report

Link Analysis

Fix Broken links

Traffic data from Google Search Console

Sidebar Link Suggestions

More Features Coming Soon!

We have a roadmap of where we want to go, and our customers can also add feature requests and vote on them.

Linkilo is a product made for you. We are all about creating a better product and continuing to grow our feature list. 

30 Day Money Back Guaranteed!

How Are We Different?

Take a look at the comparison of both of the plugins and see which one you would want to use!


linkilo summary report

Link Whisper

Internal Links R

Deeper reporting summary. Know how often you’ve used Anchor Text, Nofollow, Sponsored links, and much more. 

It’s hard to audit your links to see what might have caused SEO issues. We are building more and more features, and you can request your features here.

link suggestions by linkilo

Linkilo provides more link suggestion options.

Link Whisper claims to use “A.I Artificial Intelligence” for suggesting links. 

We use basic exclusion criteria, and the results are almost the same.

It suggests your links based on the title of your articles. tags, categories, or custom keywords and exclude any non-important words.

However, we did not want to limit the options. 

We also wanted to provide suggestions based on exact match keywords so you can focus on ranking specific terms. Suggestions based on the actual URL keywords. 

While title tags are a great option, you might have optimized your URL, so we want to utilize that for you. 

We also provided link suggestions on the sidebar, so while you are writing or editing your articles, we contextually identify other articles on your site and provide suggestions. No need to scroll down to find suggestions.

What Linkilo Has That Link Whisper Does Not Have

Knowing how often you have used your anchor text is vital to ensuring your internal links aren’t diluting your ranking. If you use too many of the same anchor text, you can identify how many times you have used it and where it is located. Also, if you have a few links, you can add more of the anchor text to help improve your ranking.

Link Cannibalization Report

link Cannibalization Report

Pointing the same keywords to two different URLs or more can confuse search engines about which URL should rank for that keyword. With our report, we help identify if you have added the same keywords to two or more URLs and determine which URL you should remove by adding Google Search Console data to help determine which has more juice.

Link Analysis

link analysis

Knowing what links you’ve used, both internal and external, for a specific page/post can be helpful. Whether you’ve added proper nofollow for a specific URL, if the URL opens on a new tab, and more.

Keyword Cannibalization Report

keyword cannibalization

We wanted to dive deeper into SEO and provide you with what keywords you cannibalize and what pages are ranked for those keywords. This is different from our Link Cannibalization

Also, we plan to add more options so you have the flexibility and more options under your belt.

Maybe you can replace some of your SEO audit tools down the road? 

Check out our roadmap for planned features coming soon!

30 Day Money Back Guaranteed!

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