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The bigger your site grows, the more difficult it is to remember what you or your authors have written.

Our internal linking tool is extremely useful in determining which articles are ideally suited to your new post, with anchor text suggestions.

Our algorithms identifies the best descriptive keywords in anchor text along with the article. Giving a sense of the topic or keywords the source page is trying to target.

Internal links assist you in developing a site infrastructure that allows Google and users to easily locate what they need on your website.

Link Suggestions

link suggestions by linkilo

Our suggestions are based on wide variety of algorithms.  Content analysis, semantic web, tags, categories, titles, headings, URLs, contextually related types.

Add More Keywords

add your own keywords

Linkilo only gets better when you add custom keywords, or keywords from Google Search Console, Rank Math, Yoast, All-in-One SEO plugins. We’ll be able to find more suggestions!

Link Analysis

link analysis

We’ll let you know what you are doing right, wrong and any opportunities you might have missed.

Add Auto Links

Add keywords to a link, and linking happens on autopilot. Perfect for external link automation, such as, affiliate or link exchanges, without the headache of searching for it.

Link Cannibalization Report

link Cannibalization Report

Don’t know if you used the same anchor text in another post? We’ll make sure you diversify your anchor text so search engines can differentiate them.

Anchor Text Report

Identify how many times you have use the same anchor text.

Keyword Cannibalization Report

keyword cannibalization

We’ve identified what keywords you are ranking for each page, and if you are ranking for the same keyword on multiple pages. This is called cannibalization. The difference between link cannibalization and keyword cannibalization is that you are already being ranked for those keywords.

Add other sites for internal Link Suggestions

Whether you own multiple sites, sub-domains, or want to provide your readers meaningful links, you can find the right words and add any external links. 

Google Auto Suggested Keywords

Can’t think of what keywords to select for your anchor text? We’ll provide you all of Google suggestions!

In development!

Import/Export Your Date

You can export all of your existing links and keywords. Also, import your keyword and links. 

In development!

Tag Generator

Generate tags based on the keywords that we’ve noticed in your content. This will help you build a better site structure, interlinking your content and have our algorithms understand better.

In development!

Coming Soon:

Broken Link Audits

API Integrations

Content Keyword Analysis

Natural Language Processing

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Backlink Report & Tracker

And much more!

Check out our roadmap!

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