How to connect other external site you own

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If you have Linkilo’s multi site license, you can connect other sites using Linkilo WordPress plugin to get link suggestion from that site.

Go to Linkilo>>Settings>>Custom Settings:

Scroll down until you see “Add external site for link suggestions” and select:


Enter the URL you want to connect (make sure you’ve installed Linkilo and enabled the feature to that other site you own) and click “Register Site”:

Then click “Proceed”

connecting site linkilo

If you do not receive a popup notification to accept the connection. Go to Linkilo Summary section and click accept from there:

linkilo external connect


If you receive an error like this:

external linking

Try the process again. There might a brief connection issue with the other site.

If you attempted several times and still does not connect, please contact us.

If you do not see any external link suggestions: external link suggestions

Try performing a new scan so we can retrieve your external sites’ information

perform scan linkilo