What reporting does Linkilo have?

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We provide different types of reporting to help you understand your site and the scope of work. Not only do we focus on internal links, we provide a full link management and link auditing solution.

The primary summary section shows you the general statistics of your site and links

  1. All (Pages) URLs = All pages that you have on your site.
  2. Total Links Found = All external/internal links you have on your site
  3. Total Internal Links = Excluding external links
  4. Pages with Internal Links = The number of pages that has internal links


linkilo summary

Link Issues. These individual turn red if Linkilo detects any of them:

  1. Pages without internal links = Similar to Pages with internal links, but this shows only the pages without internal links
  2. Orphan pages = Pages with no links attributed to from other articles on your site
  3. Pages without external links = Any pages that do not contain external links/outbound links/sources.
  4. Link Cannibalization = If two or more pages are using the same anchor text
  5. Non-HTTPs Links = any URL you’ve added that might have HTTP and not HTTPs
  6. Same URL = If you use the same URL more than once in a single page

In the following Summary section of Linkilo, we also have Internal/External link distribution, nofollow, sponsored, user generated content links, frequently used domains and anchor text.

We also have a keyword cannibalization reporting tool: Integreated with Google Search Console to help determine if any of your pages are being cannibalized.

All of these individual reports can help you understand what needs to be done on your or your clients site. The amount of pages without internal links can help you suggests there might be a lot of internal links you can implement to help rank your site. Pages without external links can help identify if your articles aren’t as reliable or sourced by trustworthy sites. Same URL might individate a bit spammy site without providing value to your readers. Domain used can help you understand if you are using trusted domains or if any of your writers/editors are using or replacing it with links that you do not want on your site.

Feel free to create a feature request for more reporting here.