Link Cannibalization Report

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What is Link Cannibalization Report?

Linkilo’s link Cannibalization Report identifies if the (query, keyword, anchor text) has been used more than once, pointing to different URLs.


In this example:

link Cannibalization Report


We have two different URLs used to identify the keyword “Best telescope”





Why is this bad?

These keywords/anchor text/query helps search engines understand the context of that page you are pointing to. It can also help you rank for those keywords.

However, if you are pointing several different URLs to the same keyword, it can cause confusion to search engines, as to which URLs best fit that keyword.

How Linkilo helps you with cannibalization

If you added your Google Search Console to your WordPress site, you can see which of those pages are getting organic traffic. You can then determine which URL best fit that query and delete the one you don’t want to rank for.