Can I change color or style of my links with Linkilo?

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Yes! Linkilo allows you to customize the appearance of your internal and external links. You can create distinct styles for each type, making them easily distinguishable.

To change link styles:

  1. Go to Settings > Internal Links (or External Links).
  2. In these sections, you’ll find options to:
    • Choose an icon type: Select from pre-set icons or no icon.
    • Adjust icon position and size: Determine icon placement and dimensions.
    • Customize colors: Set colors for the icon and the link text itself.
    • Apply CSS styles: Add bold, underline, italics, or your own custom CSS class.

Additional options:

  • Skip Icon with <img>: Exclude icons for links that already contain images.
  • Exclude Domains from Icons: Prevent icons from appearing on links from specific domains.