Looking for the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin? If so, you’re in luck! Several plugins are available, making it easy to add Amazon links to your website. In this article, we’ll look at six of the best plugins and help you decide which is right for your needs.

Affiliate commissions are a significant source of revenue for online content creators. Amazon, the world’s largest marketplace, is the best option for affiliate marketers.

Working with the Amazon Associates program can be more difficult than working with any other affiliate network since you must deal with unique regulations and scenarios, such as the following:

  • If you wish to insert product images and pricing, you must use the Amazon Associates API. You cannot just type the price into the editor, as you would for other affiliate products.
  • You cannot hide your Amazon affiliate links.
  • Because Amazon has various regional locations, you’ll want to drive users to their local stores to optimize your commissions.

WordPress Amazon affiliate plugins can help you account for all of those different rules and display affiliate products in eye-catching, conversion-friendly layouts like feature boxes or product comparison tables.

What functions do Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins have?

Amazon Associates is essentially an affiliate marketing program that allows bloggers and website owners to generate custom links. Customers that click on the link and purchase a product from Amazon get referral earnings.

The term “Amazon affiliate plugins” is broad because it encompasses many features.

Many WordPress plugins are available for Amazon affiliates, each with a different set of features. Some of the more popular plugins include the Amazon Associates link builder or auto-linking and the widgets.

The link-building plugin allows you to add custom links to products on Amazon based on the product mentioned in your articles, while the Widgets plugin lets you add product listings, tables, etc.

Other plugins allow you to import data from Amazon into your WordPress site, adding descriptions, sales prices, etc.

Most of these plugins make adding Amazon affiliate links to your WordPress site easy without going through Amazon.com.

More significantly, most of these plugins take advantage of the Amazon Product Advertising API (or, in some cases, another method). This is important due to Amazon Associates’ stringent standards for product information accuracy, such as the restriction on displaying erroneous prices.

Best amazon affiliate WordPress plugins

There are a lot of different WordPress plugins for Amazon affiliates. But which one is the best? Here is a list of the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins based on my experience.


AAWP, or Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin, is a well-known WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates. The plugin is a one-stop-shop for putting and tracking Amazon affiliate links on your WordPress site. In addition, the AAWP plugin provides powerful, necessary, and advanced capabilities to help you efficiently promote Amazon’s affiliate products.

It makes it possible to connect to the Amazon Associates API and incorporate affiliate links into your WordPress content. Because it gets data from the API, you can include pricing and insert images without breaking Amazon’s affiliate regulations.

You have several options for displaying Amazon products/affiliate links:

  • Text links
  • Widgets
  • Single or several product boxes containing product information
  • New releases lists
  • Bestseller lists
  • Custom data fields; for instance, you could use a shortcode or PHP function to insert only a product’s current price.

The single-site license is $42 per year and includes customer support and plugin upgrades.

WP table builder

This plugin created by the DotCamp team allows you to create stunning conversion-focused tables for your website.

The plugin can assist you in effectively promoting your Amazon affiliate products. Creating a product comparison table and product list is simple and basic. The WP Table Builder has five elements: image, text, button, list, and star rating. You can add images, text, a CTA button, a list, and a star rating to tables created using WP Table Builder.

The plugin’s cell management tools enable you to add, combine, and divide cells. WP Table Builder’s biggest feature is its drag-and-drop table build interface, which makes creating magnificent Amazon product tables a breeze. With the help of shortcuts, you can put tables anywhere on your website.

Pricing: Free version | Pro version starting at $39

Free version tested:

  • Minimal impact on memory usage: No
  • Minimal impact on page speed: Yes
  • No PHP errors, warnings, notices: Yes
  • No JavaScript issues: No
  • Latest PHP 7.4.8 compatible: No
  • Latest WordPress 6.0 compatible: No
  • Optimized database footprint: Yes
  • No activation errors: Yes
  • No resource errors: Yes
  • Frequently updated: Yes


AzonPress is another popular Amazon affiliate plugin that takes a similar approach to AAWP.

You can input both basic text affiliate links and more extensive product displays. One of the most prominent features of AzonPress seems to be the availability of tools for creating product comparisons. You can make both standard product tables and side-by-side comparison tables.

Aside from those comparison options, you can likewise display:

  • Single product boxes
  • Product grids
  • Simple lists

AzonPress also has built-in geotargeting, allowing you to redirect customers to their nearest Amazon store.

AzonPress Pro’s single website license costs $39, while the Agency License costs $79 for up to 20 websites.

Wzone (Woocommerce amazon affiliates)

WZone enables you to link your WooCommerce-powered store to Amazon. It allows you to set up a sham dropshipping setup in which Amazon products are automatically synced as WooCommerce products. When visitors add a product to their cart, they’ll be sent to Amazon to complete their purchase (and you’ll get to install that affiliate tracking cookie).

Second, you can set up a simple drop shipping arrangement in which customers buy things directly from your website. Then, to fulfill the order, you can return to Amazon and order the product yourself. This involves some manual work on your side, but it offers you complete control over your margins instead of depending just on the Amazon Associates’ commission.

WZone uses Amazon’s API key to maintain your WooCommerce product listing up to date effortlessly. The plugin also provides detailed reports that help you review your sales dashboard to accomplish your marketing and sales objectives.

WZone’s basic plan starts at $49 for a single website. This plan includes all of WZone’s premium features.


Another popular free Amazon Associates plugin on WordPress.org is EasyAzon. It allows you to effortlessly create and place Amazon affiliate links without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

It works in every Amazon location with an Amazon Associates program, including the US, China, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, India, Spain, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

It also allows various affiliate link types, such as Amazon buy buttons, direct links, and product information blocks, including an image thumbnail and price.

It is currently completely free. However, the new developer will most likely release a new paid version.

Free version tested:

  • Minimal impact on memory usage: Yes
  • Minimal impact on page speed: Yes
  • No PHP errors, warnings, notices: Yes
  • No JavaScript issues: Yes
  • Latest PHP 7.4.8 compatible: Yes
  • Latest WordPress 5.9 compatible: Yes
  • Optimized database footprint: Yes
  • No activation errors: Yes
  • No resource errors: Yes
  • Frequently updated: No

AmaLinks Pro lets you add text, image-based affiliate links, and stunning product displays to any WordPress post or page.

The plugin features a simple interface that allows you to manage all elements of your Amazon affiliate website. AmaLinks Pro allows you to quickly and easily add products from the Amazon marketplace to your WordPress affiliate website.

AmaLinks Pro includes a table builder and comparison table builder add-ons that allow you to create visually appealing tables for your WordPress articles and pages. All the information you provide in your tables will be retrieved from Amazon’s official website. Additionally, conversion-focused call-to-action buttons can be easily added to the comparison tables and product list.

The AmaLinks Pro plugin allows you to add gorgeous product showcase boxes to your website, even offering a variety of pre-made product designs to select from.

AmaLinks Pro’s main feature includes copy/paste showcase shortcodes for displaying comparison tables, and product showcases anywhere on your WordPress website.

AmaLinks Pro cost for a single site license plus the Table Builder Add-on starts at $67 per year.


AAPro makes it easy to add Amazon affiliate products to your WooCommerce store. Visitors to your WordPress site can go through all of the products. Then, when customers buy a product, they will be sent to Amazon to finish their transaction, and you will be paid a commission.

AAPro also provides several intriguing features that can help you improve your store’s purchasing experience:

  • Remote add-to-cart enables users to add products to their Amazon shopping carts without leaving your website.
  • Wishlist – allows customers to create a wishlist of products they want to buy later.
  • Price Alert – allows customers to receive price notifications when a product’s price reduces on Amazon (and your site, as a result).

You’ll also get an analytics dashboard with a list of your top-performing products.

AAPro is available for $29 with a basic Envato license (lifetime updates for a single site and six months of support).

Amazon Auto Links is a WordPress Amazon affiliate plugin that saves you time by automating the process of updating products and links.

You can either input specific products or allow the plugin to display a frequently updated feed of the latest products in specified categories.

You have four options for displaying products in total:

  • Category- a dynamic feed of products in that category.
  • Product search – results from an Amazon search query.
  • Item search – particular product (s).
  • URL – a list of products from another website.

Shortcode parameters can also be used to customize the output, such as adjusting the length of the description or the image size.

To insert specific products is easy; add the regular product URL to your content, and Amazon Auto Links will adjust it to use your affiliate link. You can even have it automatically convert URLs in other users’ comments.

Price: Free

Free version tested:

  • Minimal impact on memory usage: No
  • Minimal impact on page speed: Yes
  • No PHP errors, warnings, notices: Yes
  • No JavaScript issues: Yes
  • Latest PHP 7.4.8 compatible: Yes
  • Latest WordPress 5.9.3 compatible: Yes
  • Optimized database footprint: Yes
  • No activation errors: Yes
  • No resource errors: Yes
  • Frequently updated: Yes


ProductReview.Tools is an innovative WordPress plugin designed specifically for affiliates and product review sites. As a newcomer in the market, it provides a comprehensive toolset for creating impactful product reviews, comparison tables, and product boxes, aiming to boost your affiliate sales.

As a viable alternative to established plugins like AAWP, Lasso, and AzonPress, ProductReview.Tools stands out due to its simplicity and effective design. Key features include Amazon Associates product API integration, multiple styles for star ratings, varied designs for pros & cons, table boxes, and Amazon Associates One Link Localization. Future updates promise solutions for broken affiliate links and Google Analytics integration.

Ease-of-use is a significant emphasis for ProductReview.Tools. The plugin allows you to build fast comparison tables and affiliate product boxes within seconds, without compromising your site’s speed performance. It achieves this by focusing on increasing your sales rather than adding unnecessary bloat to your site.

Another unique feature is the ASIN number integration, which allows automatic generation of all the information inside the product box. sers also have the option to add a custom title, description, and button text to optimize their primary affiliate product. To comply with Google’s desire for multiple product links per product, users can add up to 5 custom buttons, offering


These Amazon affiliate plugin has been a valuable tool for WordPress users looking to monetize their sites. All the plugins mentioned here are easy to use and can be implemented in a matter of minutes. It provides users with various ways to create links and banners, making it a versatile tool for marketing Amazon products.

Amazon affiliate marketers have tested and approved all of the Amazon affiliate plugins on this list. They’re made to help you get your website up and running so you can start earning Amazon affiliate commissions.

Overall, the plugin is worth using and provides an easy way for WordPress users to generate income from their sites.

Each plugin has a unique benefit that can help ease some of the stress of running an affiliate business. In addition, you can upgrade whenever you feel it is necessary, whether on a budget or contemplating the pro version.