If you’re a small business that relies on search engine optimization to drive traffic to your site, then you know how important it is to optimize your content. Even if you have a dedicated SEO team, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from using an SEO tool like SurferSEO.

This tool has been designed specifically for small businesses and individuals who may not have much experience optimizing their websites regarding search engine algorithms.

It’s easy to become bogged down in details when optimizing your website for search engines; there are so many factors to consider. The good news is that SurferSEO makes it much easier to keep track of everything and ensure that each page meets the necessary standards.

Here’s our SurferSEO review, hope you enjoy!

History of SurferSEO

In 2008, Slawek Czajkowski launched Surfer. Slawek established an agency to incorporate data in each stage of the SEO procedure. His team developed a custom tool for content optimization as they expanded. As the power of this tool increased, it served as the inspiration for Surfer SEO’s development and global dissemination. 

What is SurferSEO?

You may produce the most Google-friendly and on-page optimized content possible with the aid of Surfer SEO. To help you rank higher in the SERPs, it examines over 500 ranking indicators, compares your content to that of your rivals, and offers a data-driven SEO blueprint.

Surfer employs data-driven modeling to assist you in ranking your pages, unlike other software, which relies on elementary keyword research, user information, and a set of instructions to get the job done. 

SurferSEO features

SERP analyzer

Any piece of material can be started (or improved) by taking a look at the competition. 

Why? Since it displays what Google considers the best match for the query. You’ll need to outperform what they deem to be the greatest content for that keyword to overtake them. 

With Surfer’s SERP Analyzer function, you may quickly and easily see how the results page appears for the selected keyword. It exhibits:

  • Alternative recommendations for keywords to use on the page.
  • The inquiries that individuals seeking information on that term are looking to address
  • The sites giving backlinks to those top-ranking pages

However, the pages of search results can vary greatly. You may switch between mobile, desktop, and location results in Surfer. 

You may observe the URLs ranking highly on mobile if, for example, most of your visitors browse on mobile. 

Additionally, you may view how the SERP has evolved. This information can help you prepare your content for the future.

Keyword research 

You don’t need to upload your material to the editor to obtain keyword ideas. 

This can be done for you via the Keyword Research function, which will also provide you with a list of potential keywords for optimizing each page. 

This is fantastic if you’re working on a site that also has to rank elsewhere. 

By altering the location focus of your keyword search, you can get term ideas depending on how people search in a certain nation. 

Additionally, you can add target keywords to a built-in clipboard as you go. There is no need to copy and paste anymore. 

Audit feature

The audit tool in SurferSEO is excellent.

Utilize this tool to rank higher than your rivals for the desired keywords.

You only need to supply the Page URL in question, together with one or more keywords, to conduct the audit in Surfer. 

Then you can select the device and location, turn on or off NLP, and change other audit parameters. 

Just press enter while holding down the shift key to add numerous keywords. 

You’ll see the terms “product review” and a demo domain page in the example below. 

SurferSEO takes the time to provide a thorough audit report following the completion of the assessment. The audit report SurferSEO creates the information listed below. Surfer will often choose the contenders using their algorithms. However, you can look through them and choose your own choice, your rivals. 

The selection is influenced by several elements, including the content score, words, and authority. However, you need to proceed with extreme caution. Selecting the most appropriate and pertinent competitors for the audit will provide you with a customized audit report and assist you in ranking higher on search results pages. 

Content planner

Promotional activities that are well-designed and executed constitute a smart strategy. Within minutes, the Content Planner will construct the whole framework for your topic cluster. Enter your main keyword and your location. 

You will receive a list of potential article topics to write about over the coming months, along with the major and secondary keywords for which they must rank. 

How does it function? When creating our solution, the entire Surfer team was focused on automating a cutting-edge approach to content strategy based on subject grouping. Why?

Because it took hours to prepare these techniques separately, they discovered that other solutions lacked the methodology required to produce highly relevant authority-building material. 

Content Editor

Consider it similar to Google Docs or Word, but better. Like any other platform, the Content Editor allows you to write (or import) documents. You may change the font size, style, color, and everything else. But there’s a catch.

In addition, the Content Editor will show you all of the keywords you may and should utilize to improve your work. Furthermore, the amount of times these terms must appear in the manuscript is marked.

With the aid of this tool, I can quickly develop the fundamental principles for writing a properly optimized piece of content. It’s quite quick and serves as a tutor in many ways while writing.

Thanks to the editing tool, I’ve learned more about SEO and the kind of keywords I require for various articles. With more fundamental knowledge, I can appear more professional to my consumers while also having things clarified to me in a way that I understand by the editor.

Everything is done for you, which makes writing much more relaxing. There is no need to calculate the density of each phrase because it has been done for you, and each key term has its range of usage, allowing me to write freely and without restriction.

Even subject research has been simplified because I know what I should write about and have many phrases to draw inspiration from.

The live verification tools make satisfying the criteria quite simple. There will be no more breaking your workflow to move between article and short.

Everything is visible to me, allowing me to write better, longer, and faster. The keywords are also underlined, saving a lot of time while undertaking optimization work.

The recommended subject area is great for designing the outline and getting a sense of what you should include and some common headers.

The recommended keywords are important and relevant terms, which helps to guarantee that you are optimizing the blog articles or selling page content in an SEO-friendly manner.

You may even eliminate topic recommendations and create your own, ensuring that it is personalized to your specific requirements. Thanks to this writing assistance, I’ve used every tool it offers, and I can assure you that producing SEO content has never been easier for me.

Grow Flow

Grow Flow analyzes your website and the websites of others in your niche to identify areas where your website’s content may be improved.

To use Grow Flow, all consumers need to do is link their domain to Grow Flow on the Surfer SEO website, and they’ll do the rest.

Grow Flow will then provide customized tasks and insights for your site to fulfill each week, effectively functioning as your content marketing work list.

Surfer’s GROW FLOW delivers data-driven SEO analytics weekly, providing marketers with powerful assignments. GROW FLOW’s actionable task list outlines the next steps for assisting websites in ranking higher in search engines.

Grow Flow can also assist you in locating keywords within your industry with the most ranking potential and advise you on where to include them and at what frequency.

This is a terrific approach to get some rapid ranking victories in your niche, and with Grow Flow giving out weekly reports, you’ll have lots of new super-relevant keywords to go after from their AI’s ideas.

Grow Flow also proposes new subjects to write about in your sector that aren’t already covered on your site, allowing you to cover the issue completely and rank for key terms you may have previously neglected in your niche.

Another useful feature of Grow Flow is content optimization. Grow Flow’s artificial intelligence will analyze your site’s pages and automatically correlate your content with what’s presently ranking in search engine results pages.

Surfer SEO pros

  • The user interface is simple and intuitive. 
  • The capacity to design custom graphs and data comparisons for keyword research. 
  • One of the greatest resources for content optimization to raise search engine rankings. 
  • Surfer offers content optimization as well as keywords. 
  • The Free Chrome add-on is worthwhile.
  • New beneficial features are always being implemented (like Grow Flow), Integration with Jasper, Google Docs, etc. 

Surfer SEO cons

  • For their basic plan, there are just 30 Content Editor credits each month that can be quickly consumed. 
  • The text editor and content audit tools are more effective than some features, such as the keyword research tool.
  • Their recommendations for internal links aren’t always pertinent. 
  • I hope you can use the editor for the content audit instead of uploading and publishing the content for Surfer SEO to scan again and see if you have completed the task. I prefer to make all the changes in the editor and then publish the final copy on my WordPress site.
  • The plagiarism checker doesn’t work unless you have a certain amount of word count:

Surfer SEO pricing

Here is Surfer’s pricing information from 2022:

They no longer provide a free version and changed all of their pricing:

If you choose monthly billing, the prices for “Lite”, “Essential”, “Advanced”, and “Max” are $29/month, $89/month, $179/month, and $299/month. 


The conclusion to our SurferSEO review is that it’s something you should use. The tool makes it possible to quickly analyze the competitors, their linking strategy, and the degree of website optimization, which estimates the effort and resources required to exceed the competition.

The tool also offers the ability to create an audit quickly. The audit includes details on a few fundamental ranking indicators and how they relate to competing websites. 

Tool’s quick and in-depth analysis can make it much easier to evaluate projects accurately and take the necessary steps on your or prospective clients’ websites.