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Build Backlinks: Guest Posting vs. Niche Edits

Build Backlinks

Let’s face it, getting your website noticed in the massive ocean of online content is tough. You’ve poured time and effort into killer content, but it still feels like you’re shouting into the void. One powerful way to gain exposure and climb search engine rankings is building backlinks– those links from other websites pointing back to yours. Two techniques are popular: guest posting and niche edits.

So, what’s the difference, and which should you focus on? Let’s break it down to uncover what technique brings the biggest bang for your buck in reach and results.

Understanding Guest Posting and Niche Edits

Let’s lay the groundwork by explaining each link-building method:

  • Guest Posting: This involves writing a high-quality article for another website in your industry. Within the article, you sneak in a natural-looking link (or two) back to your site. These links signal to search engines that other websites recognize you as an authority.
  • Niche Edits: Here, you find existing, relevant websites with articles already ranking on search engines. Then, you reach out to the site owner and negotiate adding your link along with some supporting text into their content. Think of it as strategically inserting yourself into an already popular conversation.

Guest Posting


  • Reach New Audiences: Tap into the built-in readership of established websites related to your field.
  • Build Authority: Get recognized as a knowledgeable voice in your industry by having your content featured on well-respected sites.
  • Website Traffic: Done right, those precious backlinks to your site within guest posts can drive targeted referral traffic.
  • Relationship Building: Guest posting creates opportunities to develop connections with influencers and other stakeholders in your niche.


  • Time Intensive: This is a labor of love. Good guest posts demand researching appropriate websites, pitching article ideas, crafting fantastic content, and sometimes following up with editors.
  • No Guarantees: There’s always the chance websites will reject your submission.
  • Quality Content is King: Only well-written, valuable articles pass muster with good websites. So, be prepared to deliver excellence!
  • May Need an Established Website: Some highly sought-after blogs prioritize guest posts from authors with already successful or known sites.

Niche Edits


  • Speed: It’s generally faster to secure niche edits than guest posts. You already have an existing article to slip your link into, speeding things up.
  • ‘Instant’ Authority: Tapping into a webpage that’s already ranking provides some immediate SEO credibility to your site, thanks to the backlink within established content.
  • Potentially Less Expensive: While pricing varies, you’re typically not paying for full content creation like with guest posting (assuming you create some supporting text around your added link).


  • Finding Quality Sites: You need to be picky! Ensure the websites you’re targeting for niche edits are highly relevant to your niche and in Google’s good graces– low quality, spammy sites can hurt rather than help.
  • Content Fit Tricky: It’s a puzzle sometimes to match existing article topics perfectly to what you want to link to on your site.
  • Scalability Challenge: Depending on your industry, there’s a limited pool of suitable websites and articles for niche edits over the long term.

Example Time – Let’s Make This Concrete

Imagine you run a business providing landscaping services. Here’s how each tactic might play out:

  • Guest Posting Scenario: Write a guest post for a popular home improvement blog titled “5 Water-Smart Landscaping Tips for a Thriving Yard”. Insert a natural link back to your website promoting your services.
  • Niche Edit Scenario: Find a well-ranking article on a gardening website about drought-tolerant plants. Reach out to negotiate inserting a link to your landscaping service page where your area’s most suitable drought-tolerant plants are mentioned.

When to Choose Guest Posting

Guest posting shines when you want to:

  • Build Long-Term Relationships: Guest posting provides valuable opportunities to network within your industry.
  • Maximize Brand Exposure: Get your name and company in front of potential customers on relevant, influential websites.
  • Become an Authority Figure: When done consistently, high-quality guest posts make you a go-to source of information.
  • Grow Referral Traffic Regularly: With careful target site selection, your guest posts can deliver a solid stream of relevant visitors directly to your own website.

When to Choose Niche Edits

Niche edits can be powerful for:

  • Quick SEO Wins: If you need a boost in rankings relatively fast, niche edits get your links on already established pages that Google favors.
  • Testing Strategies: Got a new product or page on your site? Try niche edits as a trial run to see what kind of impact these backlinks create.
  • Budget-Conscious Campaigns: In situations where finances are limited, niche edits are often a more budget-friendly option compared to full-fledged guest posts.
  • Diversifying Link Types: A robust backlink profile has natural variety. Niche edits offer a different “flavor” of link than what you obtain through guest blogging.

The Hybrid Approach

Don’t forget, you don’t always need to pick just one! For many marketers, a blend of guest posting and niche edits provides the best long-term strategy:

  • Guest posting establishes authority and provides consistent website traffic.
  • Niche edits deliver the occasional powerful boost to specific pages for ranking improvements.

Making the Decision

Consider these factors when making a call:

  • Your Goals: Are you trying to build brand awareness, become a thought leader, or primarily focused on rapid SEO rankings gains?
  • Available Resources: Think time, budget, and overall content marketing team abilities.
  • Desired Timeframe: Need results yesterday or playing the long game with your site’s authority?

Tactics for Successful Guest Posting

  1. Target Ideal Websites:
    • Relevance: Find blogs where your target audience hangs out– a super popular food blog won’t do much if you’re selling tech gadgets.
    • Quality Matters: Aim for sites with decent domain authority (there are free tools to check this), well-written articles, and an engaged readership.
    • Guest Post Guidelines: Check if the site accepts guest posts and examine their rules carefully. Follow them to the letter – this improves your approval chances.
  2. Pitch Compelling Ideas:
    • Solve Your Audience’s Problems: What questions do people frequently ask in your industry? What pain points can you address with a guest article?
    • Unique Angle: Don’t be the 100th ‘Ultimate Guide’ article. Find a fresh spin on topics.
    • Look at Competitor Success: Research where your competitors get guest posts published – helps generate new target lists for yourself.
  3. Deliver an Outstanding Article:
    • Impeccable Writing: No typos, great grammar, and an engaging, clear writing style.
    • Offer Value: Focus on actionable advice and real takeaways for the audience.
    • Format to Match: Adhere to the website’s formatting guidelines for seamless integration.

Tactics for Effective Niche Edits

  1. Finding Quality Targets:
    • Relevance Is Paramount: The website hosting the article must be closely related to your own. For example, linking from a fitness website to your cat toy store just won’t make sense.
    • Metrics Focus: Use SEO tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush to gauge if the target page and website have respectable authority and decent existing traffic.
    • Natural Is Key: The existing article where you wish to place your link should flow smoothly – ensure seamless integration with your link and a few supporting words.
  2. Negotiating for Success:
    • Personalized Outreach: Show you’ve genuinely read the article and understand the value to them in allowing your edit.
    • Provide Clear Context: Offer the precise wording for your link insertion or any added text.
    • Be Fair: Prepare for negotiation by knowing what you’re realistically willing to pay per edit.

Additional Tips for Both

  • Prioritize Quality over Quantity: A few backlinks on awesome websites trump dozens on questionable sites.
  • Track Your Results: Monitor analytics – where does traffic come from and which pieces perform best? This knowledge fuels better decisions later.

Guest Posting Blunders

  • Spammy or Promotional Content: Overloading articles with too many self-serving links or overtly pushing your products/services is a big no-no. You’ll alienate the readership and likely end up with zero published post.
  • Rehashing Old Content: Editors want something new! Offer a guest post idea with an angle you haven’t tackled on your own site for better chances of approval.
  • Ghosting After Publication: Follow up to thank the website if they publish your post, and remember to promote it through your own channels to maximize visibility.

Niche Edit Missteps

  • Irrelevant Sites: Getting a backlink on an unrelated website does little good, and may even hurt your rankings in the long run. Be picky – quality always beats quantity.
  • Shady Websites: Linking from spammy, low-quality, or penalized websites risks Google seeing your website in a bad light by association. Trust reputable SEO tools to gauge a potential site’s health.
  • Overly Optimized Anchor Text: Don’t go overboard stuffing keywords into those few words that form your backlink – keep it smooth and natural, or red flags can pop up on search engine radars.

General Red Flags for Both Guest Posting and Niche Edits

  • “Guaranteed” Success: Anyone promising overnight ranking magic or instant popularity from links is probably out to peddle low-quality, manipulative link-building techniques. Think long-term strategy, not get-rich-quick schemes.
  • PBNs (Private Blog Networks): These are networks of websites often created only for selling backlinks. Getting caught up in these can land your website in hot water with Google penalties. Steer clear!

Final Thought

While effective link-building with either guest posting or niche edits takes effort, the payoff for your website can be huge – both in visibility and search ranking results.


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