Can I Use the Tool on Multiple Websites?

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Yes, the flexibility to use the Linkilo internal link plugin WordPress across various websites is tied to the subscription plan you select. We have carefully designed different packages to meet a range of needs, whether you manage one website or several.

  • For Single Site Management: If you choose a one-site license and install Linkilo on that site, you still have the option to use it on another site later on. Say you’ve completed your link auditing and added the necessary internal links; you can simply deactivate Linkilo on the current site from your account dashboard and activate it on another site.
  • For Multiple Site Connections: If your aim is to connect several sites to discover site-to-site links, you’ll require a license for at least five sites. This is because Linkilo must be installed on each site you wish to manage.

Each plan is tailored to suit various requirements, and our team is always available to assist you in selecting the right package for your needs. Whether it’s a single site or a network of websites, Linkilo offers seamless management and optimal link auditing capabilities.