Internal Link Juicer WordPress Plugin Review

Internal Link Juicer

Are you looking for a way to improve your website’s internal linking structure? Are you tired of manually creating and inserting links into posts and pages? If so, the Internal Link Juicer WordPress Plugin is just what you need!

This blog post will review the plugin and discuss how it can help you quickly optimize your internal linking structure.

Why use internal links?

Your website can gain from using internal connections in several ways. 

  • SEO – Obtaining links from other websites is advantageous, but adding links to your most crucial material also raises the content’s ranking on Google. 
  • User experience – Internal links enhance the user experience on your website by making it more straightforward for human visitors to locate content that piques their curiosity and is pertinent to the article they are currently reading. 
  • Engagement – Internal links can help users to stay on your website for longer, which improves engagement metrics like bounce rate and time on site. 

In general, using internal links on your website is a terrific idea. However, as I already indicated, adding internal connections to your content might be time-consuming. This is when Internal Link Juicer comes into action.

What is Internal Link Juicer?

A powerful internal link WordPress plugin, Internal Link Juicer, is handy for bloggers and online companies. You can automatically build internal links on your website with this plugin. 

It has an advanced feature that helps you by automatically adding internal links to your material in a semi-automatic manner. The internal link juicer plugin will use a few key phrases when publishing posts or pages to add internal links pertinent to the posts. 

Therefore, if you consciously construct too many links on exact or similar phrases, Google can consider that spam. However, Internal Link Juicer only uses the suggested keyword, limiting the number of links a post can receive from a term. 

The following are a few advantages of an internal link juicer:

  • Creating personalized internal or external links for linking automatically.
  • With thousands of installations and delighted users. 
  • Interlinking pages manually prepare your page for consistently SEO-friendly material for your fresh postings. The plugin automatically builds links once you’ve given it the right keywords. 
  • A thorough link analytics page to assess the distribution of anchor texts, outbound links, and inbound links. 
  • By offering the blocklist and allowlist options, Internal Link Juicer gives you complete control. You can whitelist the post types you wish to link to and blacklist the ones you don’t want to link to. 

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Internal Link Juicer features

Using a broad variety wide range of keywords

You can set up keywords for your posts using the link editor feature. It is situated on the editor window’s right side. Internal Link Juicer allows you to modify your keyword configuration by introducing gaps between keywords. This makes it easier for you to choose many keywords for your anchor text. With the aid of this function, you can obtain a more organic and natural link profile and cover a broader range of pertinent links. 

For instance, you can enter the keyword “best golf bags” in the editor on the right-hand side of your fashion website, and it will instantly create an interlink with that specific anchor text for the post. 

However, it is possible that those posts don’t always directly mention the term “best golf bags.” The words “golf bag 2022 review,” “golf bag review,” and others may be used, but they all refer to the same subject and are appropriate for internal linking to this site. These postings wouldn’t appear if you did an exact hard match for the “luxury bags for golf.” This feature can be helpful in the situation. 

Link statistics option Internal Link Juicer

Link Statistics display the number of inbound and outbound links on a specific post. Click on the numbers to see which posts have been linked from or to that post. From this dashboard, you may view and edit the center as well. 

Anchor text statistics

Anchor text statistics display the number and frequency of keywords used to create backlinks. The frequency shows the number of times and the source posts from which it made an internal link to that particular term. 

Using your custom links for auto-linking (PRO)

You can give keywords to a URL using the custom link tool to create automatic links. You can do this to add material from other domains and affiliate links. Select “Add new” under the “Custom links” item on the Internal Link Juicer menu.

Simply enter the target URL and any relevant keywords to create a new custom link, and it will apply the setting immediately.

For instance: if you want to add the keyword “Auction” to an affiliate link for Auction Software. Simply use the custom link function, which will immediately add the affiliate link to the posts containing the keyword “Auction.”

Configuring link output through templates

You may quickly and easily auto-generate link outputs using Internal Link Juicer. The moment you save keywords for your content, internal links start working. Additionally, you can customize and alter the production of internal connections. 

You can use your HTML code to modify a link’s output. There are the template tags “URL” and “anchor” accessible. These placeholders will eventually be replaced by the correct parameters in your content (link target and anchor text). 

Order of configuring keywords while linking

You can specify the arrangement of the configured keywords you want to use for linking. Doing this will give you greater flexibility over linking lengthy or brief terms. After the Whitelist feature, click the “Content” tab to access this setting. The following three parameters allow you to choose the order: 

  1. First configured link: The sequence in which keywords are typed in the Keyword Editor will determine how they are inserted: preferably configured link first.
  2. The highest word count first: The link will appear after the sentence with the most words. 
  3. Lowest word count first: The link will appear first after the sentence with the smallest word count. 

Internal Link Juicer Pro Pricing

Download the no-cost plugin from the WordPress source. The premium edition costs $69.99 for a single site license. 

You will receive a 100% refund if you decide you don’t like the plugin and ask for a refund within 14 days of purchase.  

Pros and Cons

When it comes to Internal Link Juicer, there are both pros and cons to consider.

First, let’s start with the positive aspects. Internal Link Juicer is a great plugin that makes it easy to create both internal and external links automatically on WordPress.

It also helps optimize the user experience by making sure that the links are relevant and up-to-date.

Additionally, it has an easy-to-use blacklist feature that allows you to quickly remove posts that don’t contain any links. Finally, the link generation can be customized easily based on the context.

On the downside, Internal Link Juicer free version is very limited, and if you’re planning on using the pro version, there are alternative plugins for Internal Link Juicer like Yoast, Link Whisper, and Linkilo that provide similar features and much more options.

Additionally, it does not offer any sort of analytics or reporting features, which could be useful for tracking the performance of your internal links. Nonetheless, it is a great plugin for those who want to quickly and easily add internal links to their website.

Comparing Internal Link Juicer to Other Plugins

Let’s compare it to other WordPress plugins offering similar features.

Many WordPress plugins can help you create internal links, like Linkilo. Compared to Linkilo or Link Whisper, it’s not user-friendly. It is an excellent choice for those looking for an automated way to add internal links to their website, but it does not offer link suggestions.

Internal Link Juicer is perfect for automating link insertion, but that can also be a downfall. The problem with auto linking is that it does not know the difference between the lines.

Let’s say that you want to link “golf bags” for /golf-bags

Later you decided to write about “best golf bags for women” and “best golf bags under $200”. Well, you /golf-bags are being auto linked so none of the other articles would be linked since auto linking feature will look for “golf bags”, unless you identify all articles that contain “golf bags” and add “for women” or “under $200” and manually change the words to add links to those articles.

Here is an example of Linkilo finding link suggestions. Since most of our articles are about internal links, most of the suggestions are based on the “title” that contains “internal links”

If you need help knowing which URL to include for each post, it does not do that. You will need to figure out which keywords belong to what articles with Internal Link Juicer.

With Linkilo, you can filter out based on keywords, URL, categories, tags, and more:

Then Linkilo will find better link suggestions

With Linkilo, every time you use certain anchor text or when you start ranking for keywords, it will learn and provide better link suggestions over time.

There are other internal link plugins out there. Both Linkilo and Link Whisper provides helpful link suggestion that you can easily add.

Frequently asked questions

Will the Internal Link Juicer plugin slow down my site?

Based on the WP Hive insight, there are several issues in regards to their plugins. Largely, due to compatibility issue:

Both the PHP and WordPress version compatibility failed. Even though they claimed that they have tested it for WordPress 6.1.1:

However, when testing with Query Monitor, the plugin does not slow down your website as much:

Will the Internal Link Juicer plugin change my content?

No, the plugin has a separate index where necessary links are effectively stored. The links are created before output whenever a page is shown, enriching your existing content. The plugin doesn’t alter the content directly. 


Being able to insert internal links in your text automatically is helpful, and learning how to employ internal linking may significantly boost your on-page SEO and keep visitors on your website for a lot longer. However, there are numerous internal linking plugins for marketing that are available, but the majority of them aren’t entirely reliable. It’s not ideal. 

Use a plugin like Internal Link Juicer to simplify the process. The features of this plugin are incredibly outstanding. 

The free version is the best component. You can begin using the free version at if you want to try it out. Later, you can upgrade at any time to their pro plan.

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